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12 year old’s list of 71 jobs!

September 3, 2014 • Filed under Warm Fuzzies

I recently took a small group of young people to UC Berkeley to visit classes and experience college life.  I also asked them to come up with a list of jobs.  Below is the list my 12 year old daughter, Tala, came up with.  I read something earlier today about the lack of career information kids receive in school.  According to one study, 80-something percent of recent college graduates don’t have jobs upon graduation.  We need to talk to our kids about jobs, careers and money, and teach them how to do informational interviews and other career research.

What job interests you?

1. dog walker

2. taxi driver

3. voice over talent

4. police officer

5. engineer

6. health educator

7. bartender

8. waitress

9. truck driver

10. photographer

11. artist

12. talk show host

13. teacher

14. assistant

15. Navy

16. Air Force

17. Marine

18. firefighter

19. emergency dispatcher

20. author

21. stripper

22. chef

23. fashion designer

24. plastic surgeon

25. dentist

26. car washer

27. baker

28 librarian

29. party organizer

30. delivery dude

31. plumber

32. house painter

33. lighting designer

34. school principal

35. stay at home mom

36. therapist

37. detective

38. lover

39. restaurant employee

40. janitor

41. garbage man

42. caterer

43. music instructor

44. cat whisperer

45. project specialist

46. real estate agent

47. musician

48. hair stylist

49. manicurist

50. day care provider

51. slave

52. soccer player

53. football player

54. golfer

55. chess player

56. house mother (dorm)

57. swimmer

58. sailor

59. scuba diver

60. basketball player

61. yogurt shop employee

62. jewelry designer

63. guard

64. dancer

65. choreographer

66. toy maker

67. cartoonist

68. weather forecaster

69. commercial advisor (?)

70. tree cutter

71. judge

The Dictionary of Fun

December 14, 2013 • Filed under Warm Fuzzies

“The Dictionary of Fun” was an actual hard copy book I recall from childhood. And I do remember that fun was something that my mother, especially, was good at. She was creative, and my father encouraged her in her many ‘arty’ pursuits: oil painting, sewing, flower arranging. She would host an annual “Holiday Boutique” for several years when I was in junior high and high school and sold things like oranges stuck with cloves and then wrapped in netting to hang in closets as a sachet and hand made potholders. I remember making some kind of booze infused pound cake for several years. There were also some frozen hors d’oeuvres on offer which we irreverently named “pig plops,” because they were made with sausage, Bisquick and grated cheese.

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Arrive Loved

November 6, 2013 • Filed under Warm Fuzzies

We all want love and loving relationships in our lives. How do we get love? By giving love. Starting with ourselves. Arrive loved.

100 Mothers

November 6, 2013 • Filed under Warm Fuzzies

“Mom, you know I have 100 mothers. Because your mom had a mom, and her mom had a mom, and her mom had a mom, and her mom had a mom . . .”
— Tala Donovan-Suguitan, aged 6

Encourage your Divine Identity to Step Forward

November 6, 2013 • Filed under Warm Fuzzies

A wise teacher invited her students to add a word of endearment to their names and to use that affectionate term when talking to themselves. The truth is that we talk to ourselves all the time and a lot of the talk is negative. Be aware of your internal conversation and make it a practice to relate to yourself with compassion and affection. By treating yourself with kindness, you encourage your divine identity to step forward.